Round-the-World Craft Beer Mystery Bundle

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Discover highly sought-after artisanal craft beers, thoughtfully curated from around the world. Whether you are a first-timer to the world of craft beers or you are looking for fresh flavours, this mystery bundle is full of surprises.

What Is Inside:

Each bundle comes with 6 craft beers!

*All Pictures shown are for illustration purposes. The products you receive may differ from that shown due to seasonal changes in flavours available.

No cancellations, amendments and refunds can be made.

Craft beers you may receive may include the below and other craft beers outside the list. These craft beers will be chosen at random based on seasonal availability and cannot be customized!

Craft Beer Name Style ABV Origin
Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait (375ml/btl) Lambic-Gueuze 8.00% Belgium
Boon Kriek (375ml/btl) Lambic-Fruited 4.00% Belgium
Boon Oude Geuze (375ml/btl) Lambic-Gueuze 7.00% Belgium
Bridge Road Bling IPA (330ml/btl) IPA 5.80% Australia
Bridge Road Chestnut Pilsner (330ml/btl) Pilsner 5.00% Australia
Deschutes Black Butte Porter (355ml/btl) Porter 5.20% USA
Deschutes Fresh Haze IPA (355ml/can) IPA-Hazy/NEIPA 6.50% USA
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA (355ml/btl) IPA 6.40% USA
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA (568ml/can) IPA 6.40% USA
Deschutes Lil Squeezy Juicy Ale (355ml/can) Pale Ale-American 5.00% USA
Deschutes Red Chair NWPA (355ml/btl) Pale Ale-American 6.20% USA
Deschutes Royal Fresh Imperial IPA (355ml/btl) IPA-Imperial/Double 9.00% USA
Deschutes The ABYSS (355ml/btl) Stout - Imperial Flavored 11.70% USA
Deschutes Wowza! (355ml/can) Pale Ale-American 4.00% USA
Drakes Denogginizer Double IPA (355ml/btl) IPA-Imperial/Double 9.80% USA
Equilibrium dHop29 (473ml/can) DIPA 8.50% USA
Equilibrium dS/dt (473ml/can) DIPA 8.00% USA
Equilibrium Energy Equals (473ml/can) DIPA 8.00% USA
Equilibrium Enso (473ml/can) DIPA 8.20% USA
Equilibrium Fractal Sultana/Sabro (473ml/can) IPA 6.80% USA
Equilibrium Little Adjunct Integration (473ml/can) Pale Ale-American 5.50% USA
Equilibrium Lupus Salictarius (473ml/can) Triple IPA 10.50% USA
Equilibrium Particle Physics (473ml/can) Pale Ale-American 5.50% USA
Equilibrium Photon (473ml/can) Pale Ale-American 4.80% USA
Equilibrium Shaved Kangaroo (473ml/can) Triple IPA 10.30% USA
Equilibrium Sparticle Physics (473ml/can) Pale Ale-American 5.50% USA
Equilibrium Wavelength (473ml/can) IPA 6.50% USA
Equilibrium Zappa/Citra (473ml/can) IPA 6.80% USA
Founders Big Luscious (355ml/btl) Stout-American 7.80% USA
Founders Centennial IPA (355ml/btl) IPA 7.20% USA
Founders Moon Rambler (355ml/can) IPA 6.40% USA
Heretic Caramel Moo'chiato Stout (473ml/can) Stout-Milk / Sweet 6.00% USA
Heretic Evil Twin (355ml/can) American Strong Ale 6.80% USA
Heretic Juicier Than Thou (473ml/can) IPA-Hazy/NEIPA 6.50% USA
Heretic Make America Juicy Again (355ml/can) IPA-Hazy/NEIPA 6.50% USA
Heretic Monster Cookie (355ml/can) Flavored - Other 5.00% USA
Kansom Abalone And Enoki Golden Ale (can) (330ml/can) Golden Ale 4.80% Australia
Kansom Abalone and Nori Maki Lager (can) (330ml/can) Lager 4.40% Australia
Kansom Green Lip and Samphire Gose (btl) (330ml/btl) Gose 3.70% Australia
Kansom Green Lip and Samphire Gose (can) (330ml/can) Gose 3.70% Australia
Kansom Seared Black Lip And Truffle Stout (can) (330ml/can) Stout 5.80% Australia
Kasteel Barista (330ml/btl) Belgian Quadrupel 11.00% Belgium
La Pirata Black Block (330ml/btl) Stout-Imperial 11.20% Spain
La Pirata Fresisuí (330ml/btl) Berliner Weisse 3.40% Spain
La Pirata Hard Decision (330ml/btl) Stout-Imperial 8.00% Spain
La Pirata Heat Squeeze (440ml/can) Hazy IPA 5.80% Spain
La Pirata Hop Dance (440ml/can) TDH Hazy IPA 6.00% Spain
La Pirata Hop Jump (440ml/can) TDH Hazy IPA 7.20% Spain
La Pirata Iron Sky (440ml/can) Hazy DIPA 8.20% Spain
La Pirata Tremenda (330ml/btl) Imperial IPA 8.00% Spain
Master Gao Baby India Pale Ale 高大师婴儿肥 IPA (330ml/btl) India Pale Ale 5.20% China
Master Gao Baby Jasmine Tea Lager Beer 高大师茉莉花茶拉格 (330ml/btl) Flavored-Other 5.10% China
Master Gao Baby Osmanthus Pale Ale 高大师婴儿肥桂花 (330ml/btl) IPA-Flavored 5.00% China
Master Gao Bird Land 高大师鸟岛 (330ml/can) IPA-Hazy/NEIPA 5.00% China
Master Gao Lunar Eclipse 高大师月蚀世涛 (330ml/btl) Stout-Imperial 10.00% China
Master Gao Nanjing Black Lager 高大师黑拉格 (330ml/can) Lager-Dark 4.10% China
Master Gao Pacific Pilsner 高大师太平洋比尔森 (330ml/can) Pilsner-Other 4.50% China
Master Gao Puffed Rice Chinese Pale Ale 高大师爆炒米 (330ml/can) IPA-Brut 7.40% China
NBeer Beijing Gose Modern 牛啤堂帝都海盐 古斯 (330ml/can) Gose 4.00% China
NBeer Mango Gose 牛啤堂芒果群海盐酸啤酒 (330ml/can) Gose-Flavoured 4.20% China
NBeer Noteblind White Stout 牛啤堂非黑记白世涛啤酒 (330ml/can) Stout-White 5.50% China
North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout (355ml/btl) Stout-Imperial 9.00% USA
North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner (355ml/btl) Pilsner 4.50% USA
Omnipollo Abdia Mosaic IPA (330ml/can) IPA 7.00% Sweden
Omnipollo Albedo Double maple Double Strawberry Porter (330ml/can) Porter-Imperial/Double 9.50% Sweden
Omnipollo Aon Pecan Mudcake (330ml/btl) Stout-Imperial Flavored 11.00% Sweden
Omnipollo Arzachel (330ml/btl) ISA-Session IPA 3.50% Sweden
Omnipollo Bianca Egg Nog (500ml/can) Gose-Flavored 6.00% Sweden
Omnipollo Bianca Raspberry Maple Pancake Lassi Gose (500ml/can) Gose-Flavored 7.00% Sweden
Omnipollo Double Karpologi (330ml/can) Sour-Fruited 6.00% Sweden
Omnipollo Double Noises IPA (330ml/can) IPA 7.50% Sweden
Omnipollo Grandin Champagne Yeast Pale Ale (330ml/can) Pale Ale-American 7.00% Sweden
Omnipollo Halliza IPA Simcoe (330ml/can) IPA 7.00% Sweden
Omnipollo Hypertropikal (330ml/btl) IPA 7.20% Sweden
Omnipollo Levon (330ml/btl) Belgian Ale-Pale 6.50% Sweden
Omnipollo Light Light Light Pale (330ml/can) Pale Ale 5.50% Sweden
Omnipollo Maz (330ml/btl) Pale Ale 5.60% Sweden
Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar IIPA (btl) (330ml/btl) Sour/Wild Beer-Flavored 8.50% Sweden
Omnipollo Potlatch Farmhouse Ale (375ml/btl) Saison/Farmhouse Ale 7.00% Sweden
Omnipollo Rubedo Double Vanilla Double Raspberry Double Porter (330ml/can) Porter-Imperial Flavored 9.50% Sweden
Omnipollo Soluzen Idaho 7 Citra Mosaic IPA (330ml/can) IPA 7.00% Sweden
Põhjala Armchair Detective (330ml/btl) Imp Baltic Porter 12.00% Estonia
Põhjala Cinnabun (330ml/btl) Baltic Porter 7.00% Estonia
Põhjala Cocobänger (330ml/btl) Imperial Stout 12.50% Estonia
Põhjala Cocobänger BA (330ml/btl) Imperial Stout 13.00% Estonia
Põhjala Cowboy Breakfast (330ml/btl) Imperial Stout 12.50% Estonia
Põhjala Jõuluöö (330ml/btl) Porter 8.00% Estonia
Põhjala Kosmos (330ml/btl) IPA 5.50% Estonia
Põhjala Maplelicious (330ml/btl) Imperial Dark Ale 11.50% Estonia
Põhjala Meri (330ml/btl) Gose 4.40% Estonia
Põhjala Must Kuld (330ml/btl) Porter 7.80% Estonia
Põhjala Neukölln (330ml/btl) Berliner Weisse 5.50% Estonia
Põhjala Õhtu (330ml/btl) Porter 5.50% Estonia
Põhjala Öö (330ml/btl) Imperial Porter 10.50% Estonia
Põhjala Öö XO (330ml/btl) Imperial Porter 11.50% Estonia
Põhjala Pime Öö PX (330ml/btl) Imperial Stout 13.90% Estonia
Põhjala Prenzlauer Berg (330ml/btl) Berliner Weisse 4.50% Estonia
Põhjala/Verdant Wind Forecast (330ml/btl) DIPA 7.50% Estonia
St Louis Premium Framboise (250ml/btl) Lambic-Fruited 2.80% Belgium
St Louis Premium Gueuze 250ml (250ml/btl) Lambic-Gueuze 4.50% Belgium
St Louis Premium Kriek 250ml (250ml/btl) Lambic-Fruited 3.20% Belgium
St Louis Premium Peche (250ml/btl) Lambic-Fruited 2.60% Belgium
St. Bernardus Abt 12 (330ml/btl) Abbey Quadrupel 10.00% Belgium
St. Bernardus Extra 4 (330ml/btl) Belgian Ale 4.80% Belgium
Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale (355ml/btl) (355ml/btl) Strong Ale 7.20% USA
Stone Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager (btl) (355ml/btl) Pale Lager-Intl/Premium 4.70% USA
Stone Delicious IPA (355ml/can) IPA 7.70% USA
Stone Features & Benefits IPA (355ml/btl) IPA 4.00% USA
Stone FML Double IPA (473ml/can) IPA-Imperial/Double 8.50% USA
Stone IPA (355ml/can) IPA 6.90% USA
Sunmai Coffee Pepper Lager (350ml/btl) Spiced/Herbed Beer 5.00% Taiwan
Sunmai Honey Lager (350ml/btl) Honey Beer 5.00% Taiwan
Sunmai Stone Fruit Wheat (350ml/btl) Wheat Beer 4.90% Taiwan
Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale (355ml/btl) Pale Ale-American 5.70% USA
Taiwan Head Brewers American Pale Ale 立夏 (330ml/btl) Pale Ale-American 5.00% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers American Pale Lager 处暑 (330ml/btl) American Hopped Lager 5.60% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers American Taiwan Wheat 夏至 (330ml/btl) American Wheat Beer 5.10% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine万物 (330ml/btl) Barley Wine 10.40% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Brandy Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 逆旅 (330ml/btl) Imperial Stout 8.80% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Chocolate Stout 小寒 (330ml/btl) Chocolate Stout 7.50% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Coffee Stout 大寒 (330ml/btl) Coffee Stout 8.00% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers New Taiwan IPA 白露 (330ml/btl) New England IPA 5.00% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Passionfruit Sour Ale 百香 (330ml/btl) Sour Ale 6.00% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Rosselle Sour Ale 洛神 (330ml/btl) Sour Ale 6.00% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Amber Ale with Dry Smoked Lychee 立春 (330ml/btl) Amber Ale 5.60% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Jasmine IPA 大暑 (330ml/btl) American IPA 6.70% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Mocha Imperial Stout Wood Aged 百代 (330ml/btl) Imperial Baltic Porter 14.50% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Plum Ale 春分 (330ml/btl) Fruit Beer 6.50% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Plum Brett Sour Ale Wood Aged 过客 (330ml/btl) Sour Ale 11.00% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Tea Ale II (Oriental Beauty Tea) 立秋 (330ml/btl) English Pale Ale 6.30% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Tea Ale IV (Jin Xuan Tea) 雨水 (330ml/btl) Scotch Ale 6.60% Taiwan
Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Weizenbock 小雪 (330ml/btl) Weizenbock 9.00% Taiwan
Thatchers Katy (500ml/btl) Cider 7.40% UK
Thatchers Old Rascal (500ml/btl) Cider 4.50% UK
The Garden Stout (330ml/can) Stout 5.70% Croatia
Urbanaut Bandra Cucumber and Mint Sour (440ml/can) Sour - Fruited 5.00% New Zealand
Urbanaut Beer Blender Strawberry Hazy IPA 6% x Cucumber Mint Sour 5% (2x250ml/can) Hazy IPA/Sour 6.00% New Zealand
Urbanaut Brixton Pale Ale (330ml/can) Pale Ale 4.40% New Zealand
Urbanaut Copacabana Brut IPA (440ml/can) IPA-Brut 7.10% New Zealand
Urbanaut Del Mar Pink Grapefruit Hazy IPA (440ml/can) IPA-Hazy/NEIPA 6.00% New Zealand
Urbanaut Fitzroy Apple Crumble Sour (330ml/can) Sour - Fruited 4.00% New Zealand
Urbanaut Hawthorne Simcoe Double IPA (440ml/can) Double IPA 8.00% New Zealand
Urbanaut Kingsland Pilsner (330ml/can) Pilsner 4.50% New Zealand
Urbanaut Makaha Tropical Punch Hazy Sour (440ml/can) Sour - Fruited 5.50% New Zealand
Urbanaut Miami Brut Lager (250ml/can) Pale Lager 5.50% New Zealand
Urbanaut Newtown Hazy Pale Ale (330ml/can) Pale Ale 4.80% New Zealand
Urbanaut Roxbury Hazy IPA (440ml/can) IPA-Hazy/NEIPA 6.00% New Zealand
Urbanaut Sabro Triple Hazy IPA (250ml/can) IPA - Triple 13.50% New Zealand
Urbanaut The Mission APA (330ml/can) Pale Ale-American 5.90% New Zealand
Urbanaut Williamsburg IPA (330ml/can) IPA 7.20% New Zealand

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