​Dive into A World of Wines and Japanese Alcohol

​Dive into A World of Wines and Japanese Alcohol

27th Nov 2020

Be it for celebrations, to catch up with friends and family, to soothe the soul or to simply enjoy one’s own company, there’s just something about booze that makes everything better. Buckle up because we are about to dive into the world of wines and Japanese alcohols! 

1. Hakushu Distillers Reserve Whiskey

Aside from sake, Japan has also mastered the art of crafting whiskey. The Hakushu Distillers Reserve brings a new dimension to whiskey with a smokey body, blended with notes of vanilla and citrus. This whiskey is also on the lighter side, offering a refreshing spin on the robust spirit with a more delicate pealing as compared to its counterparts. The initial notes are stronger in the beginning, but will ease into a fruity base once rested in the glass. Pair this beverage with seafood or any savoury snacks for a kicking good time.

Photo from Suntory Whiskey

2. HIBIKI Japanese Harmony

The HIBIKI Japanese Harmony whiskey goes down smooth. An incredibly well-balanced spirit, HIBIKI Japanese Harmony whiskey is a harmonious blend of sweet, smokey and spicy. The whiskey contains notes of orange and rich honey complemented with oak-y spice that is easy on the palette. It starts off bright and lively and slowly fades into a soft and slightly spicy finish. HIBIKI Japanese Harmony whiskey is delicious enjoyed on the rocks or in a highball for to experience its full flavour profile. Additionally, complement the malt with cuts of red meat.

Photo from Whiskey Monster

3. Nikka Black Special

Nikka Black Special is a Coffey grain whiskey with an earthy and chocolatey flavour. It is decadent with a winning combination of dark chocolate, dark berry fruits, laced with notes of toffee and vanilla. You will first be presented with creamy sweetness of the whiskey, which slowly ebbs into its finishing notes of spice, salt and some bitter notes of dark chocolate. Try it in a highball or a simple old fashion for the best taste. Definitely, a robust treat!

Photo from The Fortress

4. Iwai Japanese Traditional Whiskey

Iwai Japanese Traditional Whiskey is a bourbon inspired whiskey with caramel, honey, spice and cherry notes. Its scent is strong and dark, like plums, peat and sherry but the flavour is rather light and fruity! It then slowly reveals its underlying sweetness and ends with a pleasant peat finish. This contrast makes Iwai Japanese Traditional Whiskey such an adventure to drink with layers of flavour to unpack with each sip. This whiskey is best consumed neat or as a highball and served alongside a meal.

Photo from Tokiwa Imports

5. Alexander Merlot

Originating from New Zealand, Alexander Merlot is a light fruity wine with hints of oaks. It has aromas of black cherry, blackberry and plum. Upon drinking, the flavour reveals a harmonious marriage of plum, vanilla and red fruits. Overall, an easy wine to drink with meats such as beef, lamb or veal. You can also enjoy it on a picnic or at the beach on a sunny day, perfect for winding down and soaking in some vitamin D.

Photo from Alexander Valley Vineyards

6. Argiolas Turriga 2014

Just like its rich history, Argiolas Turriga is also rich in taste. It is a full bodied, intense red wine that goes down like velvet. Argiolas Turriga 2014 has pronounced notes of black current, red berries, vanilla and oak. This full bodied wine finishes full and long, leaving a smoky finish that is pleasant and comforting. A well worth it bold beautiful red wine. Enjoy it alongside red meats like beef and lamb or pair it with some pasta!

Photo from Wine Enthusiast

7. Cape Mentelle Chardonnay

A juicy white wine, Cape Mentelle Chardonnay offers a fresh youthful palate with a blend of stone fruits like rockmelon, white peach, dried apricots, interlaced with sweet honey notes. It delivers an aromatic complexity balanced by a bright acidity that ebbs into a long clean finish. Cape Mentelle Chardonnay leaves the palate refreshed with its lovely balance, making it a good summer drink. This wine pairs amazingly with seafoods such as crayfish, and Asian and Pacific cuisines. Its freshness and acidity also accommodate a range of spices, herbs and chillies. A go to for gathers with family and friends or even date nights.

Photo from Margaret River Wine

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